Wonky Picnic: What’s involved?

It’s all about working with the produce supermarkets reject

Tomorrow (July 18) Soho Square will be taken over by what the organisers are describing as the UK’s largest free Unashamedly Wonky Picnic.

Visitors will be able to feast on wonky cucumber sandwiches and knobbly lemon pavlova topped with wonky raspberries, all washed down with zero-calorie sparkling water with a dash of flavour.

Office workers, tourists and Londoners generally will be offered the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the picnic in a farm-like setting.

The event will also enable picnickers to get feel good about playing their part in supporting the organisers, Dash Water, who are finding a better use for the tonnes of ‘wonky’ food destined to be thrown away. 

At the heart of Dash Water’s ethos is the mission to reduce food waste in a fun, yet sustainable way, while hydrating everyone. The company was founded two years ago.

Soho Square will be the venue for the Wonky Picnic. Photo © geo sharples (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Dash Water team will be at Soho Square between 12-4pm. They will be providing a selection of picnic treats right in the middle of London. 

In the UK alone, 5,000,0001 tonnes of food is wasted each year as it is deemed too imperfect for our supermarket shelves. 

Same taste, but not so aesthetically pleasing. Picture: Watts Farms

Dash Water infuse their cans with surplus and “wonky” fruit saved from British farms, highlighting alternative uses for curved cucumbers, squashed fruit and knobbly lemons. 

Guests will be able to enjoy Dash Water’s full range while relaxing on picnic blankets, deckchairs and hay bales over lunch in London. They will also be invited to pose with friends in front of a wonderfully wonky Dash Water photobooth and use farm-inspired props to capture the moment which will be sent directly to their phones.

The entire Dash Water range has no calories, is free from sugars, sweeteners and artificial flavours, resulting in a selection of refreshing drinks with a natural lift. Flavours include: Blackcurrant, cucumber, raspberry and lemon.

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