Who Brits would like to invite to tea

Sweet celebri-tea of life, at last I've found you! No prizes for guessing who is in top spot, but some of the other names are intriguing

So this is the question: If you could choose anyone (including figures from history) to come to tea who would you choose? It’s the sort of question the Sunday supplements ask when trying to give readers an insight into someone’s true personality.

For a bit of fun, National Tea Day* decided to ask 1,000 people for their favourite all-time tea guests for their dream tea party. People were asked to name their five favourite guests from different categories.

Prince Harry topped the favourite royal category with 26% of the votes, with Queen Elizabeth II, sharp on his heels at 20%. Princess Diana received 18% of the votes, while Kate (17%) claimed the bragging rights beating William (4%). Surprisingly perhaps, Queen Victoria received (15%) of the votes. Mind you, given all the telly time devoted to her lately, maybe that’s not so surprising.

The homegrown category was won by the ever-cool Idris Elba who got 27% of the votes, narrowly beating Mary Berry (26.9%) who is well known for making delicious cakes that go down well at tea parties. Elba and Berry? If you could invite both now that would be a mixture.

When asked who would stimulate the conversation the public picked Sir David Attenborough, as he’d always keep the topics flowing.

Marilyn Monroe chosen as the superstar guest, beating Beyoncé, Elvis, Kayne West and Taylor Swift in the process to bring some glamour and glitz.

Popular funny man Graham Norton (25%) beat Catherine Tate (22%) when people where asked who’d they invite to bring the laughs.

The nation’s top five all time tea party guests are: Prince Harry, Sir David Attenborough, Graham Norton, Marilyn Monroe and Idris Elba.

This year National Tea Day has been working on its ‘Brew More, Do More’ campaign which is bidding to inspire a modernist view of tea.

From specialist and unique teas, modern twists, tea cocktails and even taking more time to find ‘me & teatime’ the campaign is helping inspire a new generation of tea lovers. With 165 million cups of teas drunk every day in the UK tea is more popular than ever.

The biggest growth in tea drinkers are females aged 25-34 (69%) and with health tea sales up 80%, the future for the beverage looks bright.

Diaz Ayub – tea enthusiast from National Tea Day said: “The tea revolution is growing fast, with more speciality teas than ever before, we know that tea is on-trend with the younger generation and they aren’t afraid to experiment and move away from traditional teas on the journey.”

*National Tea Day is celebrated on April 21 each year – the Queen’s real (as opposed to official) birthday.

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