Which team’s fans would supporters most like to sleep with?

Reds in the bed more popular than Blues before a snooze

When the first match of the Premier League season kicks off in a few weeks’ time (August 9 – not long to wait) the fans of the two teams involved on the Friday night – Liverpool and Norwich – will be wondering if their respective clubs can either win the Premiership or just stay in it.

However, if research is correct, it may be that some of the Canaries’ fans will also have romantic liaisons with the Reds’ supporters on their mind.

You see … Liverpool fans top the table of a poll indicating which opposition fans supporters would most like to have sex with. Norwich fans rank just 15th out of the 20 top flight clubs. 

But things could be worse. Fans of Southampton are placed rock bottom. A Saints-supporting mate dismissed this as “ridiculous”, but I don’t know…

Anyhow, a while back we ran a piece about soccer fans who play away – literally! However, we don’t want readers to think that we are becoming obsessed with the subject so we may draw a line under the sexploits of soccer fans after this article. 

Most fans just having winning three points on their minds, we know, although the research found that more than half (55%) of those who answered the poll would be keen to bed a rival supporter.

What a change! Back in the 1960s through to the ’80s soccer fans were more likely to want to engage in a rumble with opposition fans as opposed to some rumpy-pumpy.

The survey was conducted by the sports tipping website Free Super Tips. It reveals that more than a quarter of fans (26%) would choose to sleep with a Liverpool fan over any other team. The news will put partners of fans travelling to Anfield on edge this season. 

One-fifth of supporters rated Chelsea fans as the second-most beddable bunch, followed by Manchester United in third, with 18% of fans saying that they’d choose a Red Devil for the sack.

Arsenal claimed fourth place with 17% saying they would fancy a go with a Gooner, with Burnley (10%) and Tottenham Hotspur (9%) rounding off the Premier League top six. 

At the other end of the table, Southampton supporters are named as the league’s least sexy with only 1% of fans saying that they’d want to jump in bed with them, with the Saints also winning the title of least attractive supporters.  

Fellow strugglers in the ‘sack race’ include Yorkshire’s solo Premier League side Sheffield United with only 2% saying they would bed a Blade, along with Watford who also only claimed 2%.

Much like the clubs they support, the mid-table teams seem to be getting as much action off the pitch as their teams create on it. Newcastle United finished 10th out of the most-beddable fans with 7% of the vote, while Crystal Palace followed in 11th (6%), Everton in 12th (6%) and Bournemouth in 13th (5%). 

Jake Apperley, a spokesperson for Free Super Tips, said: “The survey shows an interesting attitude football fans have towards other clubs. Fans tend to have a negative perception of the top six so it’s extraordinary to see that majority of supporters would want to bed one of their fans.”

At the time of writing, the lack of activity in the transfer market might explain why fans are thinking more about scoring personally than their team finding the net.

Players coming in to London’s big clubs seem a little thin on the ground. Let’s hope things pick up before the deadline which is set for August 8.

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