Which age group is most likely to get nicked for having sex in a car?

Good news for those approaching retirement, or is it?

As a man of, let’s say, advancing years, I read a piece the other day that lifted my spirits. It said that people aged 55 and over were more likely to get arrested for having sex in a car than any other age group – and that includes “where else can we go?” teenagers.

That said, I would not rate the chances of me testing this research out any time soon as high – no car, for starters. But, just the same, I took some “life in the old dog yet” comfort from the revelation.

Another barrier (apart from the lack of a car) is that such acts are, in my opinion, just uncomfortable. At least that’s been the case in my very limited experience. There are too many levers and handles to get snagged on and let’s not mention avoiding the steering wheel itself.

But, whatever flicks your switches (if they are not in the way).

Meatloaf sums it up well

At insurers Tempcover they surveyed drivers, all of whom admitted to steaming up their own car windows. They asked everything from who they were performing with, to why, their most favoured positions and where in the car gave them the biggest thrill.

The research discovered that:

  • 44% of Brits have had sex in a car
  • 80% have done so with a partner 
  • 25% admitted to cheating in a car 
  • 45% said they did it to add excitement to their sex life   
  • One in 10 BMW drivers conceived a child in a car 

In need of a little inspiration? Tempcover asked drivers to share each position they had tried and tested, as well as which they enjoyed the most.

The drivers surveyed admitted to trialling the following positions the most: https://www.tempcover.com/carmasutra-uk-getting-steamy-in-cars

Nothing too steamy here. But if you visit the site – link above – and click on “reveal positions” (top, centre) all will become clear(er). Reverse cowgirl looks decidedly uncomfortable

Tempcover also looked at:

  • Location hot spots 
  • Preferred area of car, by brand
  • The UK’s favourite position
  • Regional preferences 

That’s not all, check out the full breakdown of the study here: https://www.tempcover.com/carmasutra-uk-getting-steamy-in-cars

Just seems appropriate
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