What’s bad about the current crop of beer adverts

Seems like marketeers are scraping the barrel

Is it my imagination or have beer promotions gone a bit flat recently? Stella Artois has moved from being a “reassuringly expensive” Belgian lager to getting actor Jeff Bridges to mispronounce its name and get restaurant staff to drop plates from the shock that he has ordered that particular brew.

Speaking of Bridges, the makers of Dutch brew Amstel have now got him forming a bridge in an Amsterdam canal to promote their lager. Bridge, Bridges, get it? What was he thinking ?

Also, we have Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen telling us that the Carlsberg lager probably wasn’t the best lager in the world, but that the new incarnation which has been reinvented “from head to hop” is a much better bet. The idea of promoting a lager as “not very good before, but it is now” strikes me as bizarre or very brave, maybe both.

As just to cap it all, we now have a “levitating” Eric Cantona in a spacesuit hovering above a globe at London Victoria rail station as the French Kronenbourg beer he is promoting bids to convince us of its “out-of-this-world” qualities – The Taste Supreme is the slogan.

Cantona was an out-of-this-world player in his pomp and many a London team would have wanted him in their shirt. But Eric floating on air in a spacesuit is pushing the bounds of credibility, isn’t it? As from yesterday (June 6) state-of-the-art technology will be used to float Eric above a globe at Victoria Station. You can see this video with its 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack which will explain it better than I can.

Bring back ads like the Carling Black Label one is what I say. The idea of using your rolled-up bath towel as a “bouncing bomb” to stop German tourists grabbing all the sun loungers was very funny (in my opinion). Though, that said, I didn’t much care for the beer!

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