What do singles look for from their dates?

Faithfulness is some way down the SeekingArrangement list

Fidelity is not high on the list of relationship “wants” according to a survey conducted by the dating website, SeekingArrangement.  

The site polled its two million members worldwide to see which traits they seek out most in potential partners. 

The site describes its male members as Sugar Daddies and the females as Sugar Babies. In these days of political correctness some may regard such terms as not very PC. 

The male members, it seems, rank faithfulness third on their wants list; for the ladies it is the fourth most important trait.   

Top of the list with both sexes looking for a match is cuisine (32%M; 37%F). To my surprise there is no mention of the potential partner’s financial standing. Perhaps, given the Sugar Daddy terminology, having money is assumed or it may be covered under “Other”.

Another surprise was that good looks is not the number one – or number two – thing single men are looking for in a potential partner. Instead, having a successful career is placed second.

The tables turned with these results, because single women say muscles and fitness is the second and third most important thing they seek. 

“There is this widespread notion that dating has become very superficial,” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement. “But that is just another misconception about the community. Singles are looking for companionship with like-minded people who can elevate their lifestyle, maybe even through something as simple as cuisine, above all else.” 

Main image by Rachel Scott from Pixabay

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