Twisted launches its take on a Christmas pizza today

It’s topped with pigs in blankets, pork stuffing balls with sage and onion and chargrilled brussels sprouts

Twisted, famous for its hugely popular recipe videos on social media, is celebrating the launch of its new delivery-only pizza restaurant Twisted Slice with ‘Santa’s Little Dunker’ a limited edition Christmas pizza available to order exclusively via Uber Eats from today (Monday 2nd) until Sunday, December 22.

Uniting the best bits of a yuletide dinner on a pizza, Santa’s Little Dunker has a BBQ base and mozzarella cheese, it’s topped with pigs in blankets, pork stuffing balls with sage and onion and chargrilled brussels sprouts. Finished off with a drizzle of cranberry sauce and a hefty homemade Yorkshire pudding in the middle, it comes with a pot of turkey gravy, which eaters are encouraged to pour into the Yorkshire pudding for dunking their pizza slices into.

Turkey Tenders are available as a side order

Also available for the Christmas period are crunchy Turkey Tenders that come with a delicious pot of turkey gravy. Santa’s Little Dunker is £10 while the Turkey Tenders are £6, but, when ordered together, it will cost just £12.

The latest venture from Twisted, the online food phenomenon with more than 30 million followers around the world, Twisted Slice offers its namesake’s renowned ‘twists’ on the classics with unique mouth-watering pizzas that celebrate Twisted’s ‘unserious food tastes seriously good’ ethos.

Santa’s Littler Dunker comes with a pot of turkey gravy, which eaters are encouraged to pour into the Yorkshire pudding for dipping their pizza slices into

The menu features a variety of bases including classic white sourdough, turmeric and charcoal as well as a wide selection of typically Twisted toppings. Including the ‘Spicy Pig ‘N’ Mix’ with sliced chorizo, nduja and roasted peppers, the ‘Tikka All The Boxes’ with turmeric infused dough, sliced chicken tikka, jalapeños and red onions, and the ‘I Lost My Tempeh’ with tempeh slices, gorgonzola and fried panko, some of the pizzas also offer a vegan alternative. 

Twisted Slice offers ‘dip and crunch’ pizzas which are paired with sauce and crispy onion pots to dip your slice in before eating. Pizzas start from £7 and Twisted Slice’s range of sides, which include ‘Buffalo Wings’, vegan ‘Demon Vings’, ‘Mac n Cheeeez’ and a divisive cheesy Marmite pizza bread called ‘Love N Hate’, start from £4.

Twisted is known for creating a stir with its surprising twists on classic recipes, including the Deep Fried BBQ Chicken Stuffed Pizzadilla,  which earlier this year sent Twitter into meltdown, and was recreated by Good Morning America and This Morning and was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

The launch of Twisted Slice follows the success of Twisted London, the first delivery-only restaurant born from social media, which now offers its burgers in more than 37 locations across the UK. This month has also seen the launch of a Twisted studio at the new Market Hall West End where the team will be filming all of their famous top down recipe videos as well as celebrity-led content and live cooking shows, while the online Twisted Store launched with a collection of beautiful Twisted kitchenware available to order now in time for Christmas. 

The menu is available to order via Uber Eats within a three mile radius of Twisted Slice’s Bethnal Green kitchen.

About Twisted: Twisted claims to be the UK’s No 1 food and drink brand on social. Born from Jungle Creations in March 2016, Twisted began by creating innovative recipes videos with fun and creative twists on the foods we love. Thanks to its headline topping, much loved and talked about recipes, what began purely as a Facebook page has now turned  into a community of over 30 million Twisted fans, that live across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, who love Twisted for its entertaining, unserious take on food. Its popularity has led to many ventures, on and offline, including branded content partnerships with the likes of Baileys and Heinz and new original content series like “Hangin’ With” featuring celebrity episodes with Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. In 2017, Twisted launched the world’s first delivery-only restaurant born from a social media brand ‘Twisted London’, Twisted recently launched a studio at the new Market Hall West End in Oxford Circus as well as the ‘Twisted Store’ an ecommerce website with a range of kitchenware, and Twisted: A Cookbook, will launch next April.

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