Triple chili challenge for vegans

MEATliquor W1 is claiming a UK first for its plant-based Triple Chili Challenge

Calling all vegans, a central London diner and late night bar is looking for contenders for its first plant-based Triple Chili Challenge which will take place on Thursday September 26.

Famed for its legendary burgers and meat-loving menu, MEATliquor is inviting contenders to devour black bean chili fries, a vegan chili hot dog and a burger made up of spiced potato beetroot, onions, beans and pickles, all in less than 10 minutes.

The prize? A golden chili trophy and a highly coveted spot on the MEATliquor leaderboard.

Think you can handle the heat and demolish all three meals in such a limited time? Put you name down (see link below) then head down to MEATliquor’s flagship diner and late night bar in the heart of London’s Oxford Circus to get a slice of the action.

A spokesperson for the diner said: “The timings for each participant will be recorded and the winner will be crowned champion. Why not nominate a mate to go head to head with too?” 

Born off the back of the original Triple Chili Challenge staple that became a famed fixture on the MEATliquor menu, more and more customers requested a plant-based alternative and so restaurant owner Scott Collins obliged, explaining: “The vegan triple chili challenge is what the people want, so we’ll give it to them!” 

Challenges will take place throughout the day to determine the overall winner. To enter, fill in the form here or for more information on MEATliquor, head over to the website.

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