Sugar Hut announces massive Ibiza-style relaunch under new ownership

One of the south-east’s most famous nightclubs, Sugar Hut in Brentwood, is set for a long-awaited relaunch after coming under the control of Dan Perrin (left), who is events director for Studio 338 in south-east London (main picture).

The almost 3,000 capacity Studio 338 is renowned for its Ibiza-style vibes and bringing some of the biggest names in electronic dance music to London, and Perrin plans to bring a healthy dose of this Balearic magic to Essex with nights from the likes of Red Bull, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Café Mambo, and Hot Bed.

The launch party – titled ‘Sugar Hut – The Next Generation’ will be held on November 30 and is already sold out, testament to the club’s loyal fanbase excited to have a taste of the white isle on their doorstep. 

The Brentwood institution will be keeping its ‘glam’ status, but, as Dan says: ‘Bringing the best of Ibiza to Essex’. This will include ‘giving the venue a serious facelift and installing a world-class sound system and lighting to provide the ultimate clubbing experience’.

“It is a beautiful, maze-like, listed building with hundreds of years of history, an incredible courtyard and an aura inside which feels like you have arrived home. In short, it has all the potential and heritage to make it one of the best places to party in this country.

“There will be an Instagramable dedicated gender-neutral powder room and dressing area complete with vanity areas, full length mirrors and lounge seating for a quick touch up during the festivities. We see the new Sugar Hut as the place where Essex meets Ibiza’.


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David Buckley

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