Scotland put Theresa May to shame as they leave Europe in 90 minutes

London Inspire is never going to be one to take itself too seriously and after the embarrassing 3-0 defeat Scotland suffered to lowly Kazakhstan in a Euro football qualifier, the opportunity not to draw a contrast to our Brexit troubles was too good to ignore.

As our politicians remain gridlocked in agreeing a Brexit deal to leave Europe, Alex McLeish’s Scottish team showed them how it should be done by seemingly putting themselves out of Europe in only 90 minutes.

While some Scots are now calling for McLeish to step down, others are asking him join parliament and help the UK reach a swift agreement to leave Europe.

Oh poor Scotland these things happen and the only way to take these set backs on is to make fun. It does, however, lead to some serious questions over Scotland’s football team going forward and we hope that they can put this defeat behind them and learn from it.

…and for any Scots reading this, please do take it all in good playful spirit it is intended. It is not as if you would have let us English get away with such a defeat πŸ™‚

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Dan Cheeseman

Dan is the brains -if that is what you call it - behind Inspire which first launched back in 2011 in Thailand for expats to enjoy. It is now part of a media group that has multiple websites that attract over 1.2million unique visitors every month. Dan now thinks London is worth taking on...

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