Rubber chickens bounce back into Fleet Street

Beano's Christmas tradition features Macaulay Clukin and Nin Hendo

Beano has continued its rubber chicken Christmas tradition with a brand new window display, unveiled at its Fleet Street office on Monday. Passers-by were surprised with a unique insight into the rubber chicken’s home life as the flock took over the Beano HQ window to gather for a Christmas meal.

Inspired by the immense popularity of rubber chicken content on Beano.com, the window design follows the success of 2018’s display which saw a choir of rubber chickens brought to life by members of the public at the pressing a button which performed a special poultry cover of Jingle Bells.

Beano has continued its rubber chicken Christmas tradition with a brand new window instillation, unveiled on Monday at its Fleet Street office.

Rubber chickens including Macaulay Clukin, Fi Lyn Clucky and Nin Hendo will be taking over content creation on Beano.com during the holiday season with festively fowl quizzes games and jokes.

Throughout December, Beano.com is hosting a digital advent calendar full of fun surprises. Opening the first door will give kids the chance to design their very own rubber chicken by taking Beano’s Ultimate Christmas Quiz. One lucky winner will have their design featured in the picture frame above the fireplace in the Fleet Street window display and take home a bundle of Beano goodies.

Mike Stirling, editorial director, said “Someone must have left Gnasher’s dog flap open at Beano HQ as the rubber chickens have come home to roost for the holidays in our window and on Beano.com! From quizzes to videos, our festive season is about being turned up to elev-hen. So save your turkey for the dinner table… because these birds mean business. (Funny business, that is).”

The window will be on display until January 3 after which all rubber chickens will be donated to Battersea Dogs & Cats home to be used as toys for dogs staying at the shelter.

One lucky fan can win a bundle of Beano goodies and have their own rubber chicken design featured in the window display by entering a competition in the digital advent calendar on Beano.com.
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