Quitters’ Day? Good time to hold an anti-diet festival

If you are happy just the way you are, ignore the diet clamour

This coming Sunday (January 19) is known as Quitters’ Day – the day in 2020 people are most likely to give up their diets (according to Strava). So, it perhaps an appropriate time to hold an anti-diet festival – if you like, a sort of Never Got Started Day.

Anti-Diet Riot Club* founder and Londoner Becky Young has drafted in the help of some of the world’s most inspirational young activists and influencers for the festival which will be held at Colours in Hoxton.

The perfect tonic to January blues and diet-culture misery, the festival has a jam-packed schedule with activities including workshops on pleasure, body confidence, how to ‘train happy’, and writing fat fiction to panel discussions on masculine body image, ‘New Year’s Revolutions’ and a special keynote address from US-based educator and cancer survivor Ericka Hart. 

The event is campaigning against restrictive, weight-loss focused plans which so many people take up every time January comes around, due to the bombardment of toxic diet and wellness messaging.

Young said: “It’s fitting beyond belief that our festival falls on Quitters’ Day, because the event is all about fighting back against the pressure to make drastic and unsustainable life/body changes that we all feel in January. 

“It seems like everyone is trying to shrink down or tone up at this time of year and the fat-phobic diet-chat is relentless. Our workshops and talks aim to nourish your mental and physical health, not from a place of self-loathing but a place of self-celebration!”

The line-up of Inspiring Young Activists and Body Positive Influencers includes:

Flying over from New York: self-defined poly, queer, cancer-warrior, activist, sexuality educator and performer Ericka Hart 

Founder of Girl Gains and Personal Trainer Tally Rye

Body Confidence Coach Michelle Elman

Trans Model and Activist Kenny Ethan Jones

Founder of Celebrate Yourself Sarah Powell

Writer, Intersectional Feminist and Eco-consultant Aja Barber

Body Positive Fashion Model Ioana Chira 

Full schedule here: www.antidietriotfest.co.uk/schedule

Tickets are £40 plus booking fee and sessions are limited capacity and require pre-reservation.

*Anti-Diet Riot Club is a rebellious-spirited community, dedicated to fighting back against ‘Diet Culture’ and the dangerous body and beauty ideals that come with it. It throws events in London that promote body acceptance, fat positivity and self-love!

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