Pop-up party destination for Cannes movie stars is coming to London

Uncertainty over Brexit has pushed Cosy Box back, but the plan is to launch late 2020

Cosy Box, the pop-up dining and club experience which has been staged at Cannes Film Festival for more than 10 years, is set to come to London – Brexit permitting.

The pop-up is broadening its horizons, first in Delhi and then the plan is to expand to Mumbai, Los Angeles and London.

Nightclub and restaurant guru Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini (left) launched the original in 2009 and now Cosy Box is set to become the global party destination for those in the know.

To date, Cosy Box Cannes has hosted some of the biggest names in Hollywood from Leonardo DiCaprio to Natalie Portman, offering that perfect blend of low-key glamour that has always attracted the rich and famous. 

Following in its footsteps, the first of the new Cosy Box venues is set to open as a permanent venue in Delhi in 2020, with a £2 million refurbishment already well underway. 

Cosy Box India has been designed to ooze style, glamour and sophistication, as has become synonymous with the brand’s original venue in Cannes. It will bring a fine dining experience with a selection of Mediterranean cuisine to 300 guests each night with an array of leading international Ds and events ensuring the party always gets started.

Fernandez-Versini, or JB as he’s known to his friends, has partnered with one of the most promising figures in hospitality – Akshay Anand owner and founder of AA Hospitality – who is known for bringing international concepts like ‘Toy-Room’ to the Indian market.

Anand hopes Cosy Box will see similar success before the group’s continued expansion across the globe and said: “The Indian hospitality market has evolved significantly in recent years and we will only continue to see more and more successful international concepts being launched here. There isn’t anything like Cosy Box in India, it’s going to be in one of the best locations in Delhi and it’s going to blow everyone’s mind!”

JB said: “I’m really excited to take Cosy Box to the next level. We’ve been doing pop ups for the past decade, but we are shifting gears now, evolving the concept and creating permanent venues. I was originally looking at London as my first launch, but Brexit looks set to have a huge impact and India presents a much more interesting opportunity. I’m also looking forward to spending more time there.”

He expanded further: “Cosy Box was always supposed to be a pop up but after a lot of demand from our customers and friends we decided to explore a permanent operation. Once we start telling the world we planned to open for business permanently India was first to show a significant level of interest, so we are starting there.

“But London is where I live and I’m really excited to bring the Cosy Box concept in London towards the end of 2020. I really feel the city is in need of an énergie restaurant.  

“I’ve done a lot of research and I know Cosy Box will offer something nobody else does at the moment, the perfect mix between elegant and trendy, somewhere you can have the quiet, a quality dinner but also a place where you can stay later and have a fun night. We delayed our plans for London slightly as Brexit has created political and economic instability. It’s important to see where all is going before making the final move.

“Brexit hasn’t put me off opening in London, I am just cautious and would rather take my time and make it rock to its best. Know the market and only then can you use everything to your advantage.”

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