One in 10 weddings cancelled after stag and hen dos

For Brits, London is the No 1 destination for the ‘last night of freedom’

A scene from one of the most well known stag party films of all time, The Hangover (Part II), much of which was set in Bangkok

Divorce rates may be on the decline, but could it be this is due in part to the fact that nearly one in 10 couples never actually get as far as the altar/registry office as a result of the shenanigans that go on a stag or hen do?

In a survey, a third of Brits admitted to cheating on the dos. Many, it seems, think that such behaviour is part and parcel of holding such an event. Expected, almost!

The UK’s wedding plans are being ripped up as 9% of weddings are being cancelled because of extreme behaviour on stag and hen dos with 33%of the country admitting to cheating on their partner while on one.

The survey, undertaken by myracing.com, delves into the nation’s behaviour and preferences, such as top locations, activities and the darker elements that go on during the traditional pre-wedding send-offs. 

Research into what takes place on stag and hen dos reveals that Brits are getting into all sorts of tricky situations that are resulting in people going to hospital, returning home with more than they intended and wedding plans being halted.

Nearly a quarter of men (22%) have cheated on their partner while on a stag with one in 10 blokes admitting to cheating on their own bachelor party, in comparison 11% of women have cheated while on a hen do.

Nearly one in five men think it’s more acceptable to be unfaithful on a stag do than at any other time with only 9% of women thinking the same way and 18%of Brits expect to behave worse on home soil when on a stag do.

The bad behaviour being dished out in party cities across the world range from pranks and unfortunate incidents to illegal activities. 

Nearly a quarter of stag and hens (23%) have been kicked out of a bar or club and this is the most common occurrence, followed by drug taking with 19% admitting to it, with 17% losing their phone and the same number losing wallets or purses. 

The fifth most common act is spending savings with 15%doing this, followed by being told not to take photos (14%), waking up in another town (12%), being chucked out of their accommodation (12%), tied to a lamp-post (11%) and being asked to give up their phone (10%).

The results show that London takes the title of top stag and hen city with 29% of people heading to the UK’s capital for the festivities, followed by Amsterdam in second with 16%, Liverpool (11%), Manchester (10%), Barcelona, Edinburgh and Bristol (9%), Belfast and Brighton (8%) and Dublin (7%) making up the top 10.

Straight from the bottle – many stag dos involve drinking vast (and potentially dangerous) quantities of drink.

Unsurprisingly, a pub crawl and spa day are the most popular stag and hen do activities. 

For stags, this is closely followed by paintballing (21%), go-karting (21%), the casino (18%) and a brewery tour (17%). 

For hens, a pub crawl (22%) is second most popular after a spa (26%), followed by cocktail masterclasses, wine tasting, fancy dress (22%) and afternoon tea (20%). 

Some more surprising popular stag and hen dos include fake kidnapping (7%), bingo (12%) and live drawing (7%).

And with so many activities on offer, the cost of Brits going on stag and hens is £202, on average, with more than 10% spending in excess of £500. Men are the biggest spenders with an average of £218 spent per stag do, compared with £201 spent by women on hen dos while almost a third (27%) of Brits don’t expect to pay anything for a stag or hen do.

Kay and Willoughby top the wish lists of party-goers.

The most wanted celebrity to join a stag do is Peter Kay with 7% naming him on their wish list, followed by Danny Dyer (7%), James Cordon (7%), Dwayne Johnson (6%) and Prince Harry (6%).

For hen dos, Holly Willoughby (7%) was the favourite celebrity guest, along with Dawn French (7%), Jennifer Aniston (5%), Rebel Wilson (5%) and Ant and Dec (5%). 

myracing.com spokesperson, James Prosser said: “Stag and hen dos are huge events for those involved and it looks like there are plenty of similarities between those taking part in stag and hen dos. 

“What people get up to has always been stuff of legend when people talk about stag and hens, and this looks to be the case with Brits getting into all sorts of situations in the UK and abroad with sometimes unfortunate consequences when people return home.”

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Top stag/hen locations

  1. London 29%
  2. Amsterdam 16%
  3. Liverpool 11%
  4. Manchester 10%
  5. Barcelona 9%
  6. Edinburgh 9%
  7. Bristol 9%
  8. Belfast 8%
  9. Brighton 8%
  10. Dublin 7%
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