Major roads from London that spell misery for motorists

The Top 10 worst routes for delays 2019-2022 

It’s a league table no regular road traveller will be pleased to see. A website called vanmonster.com has compiled a guide to which roads will offer the greatest potential for delays over the next three years.

Sadly, many of them lead to (and from) London.

Top of the list is the M1 with 74 roadworks – either current or projected. Given London’s link to the Midlands is the country’s oldest motorway (it opened in 1959 although a section of it around Preston – now part of the M6 – opened a year earlier) this is, perhaps, understandable.

Also listed are the M4 (to Wales), the A1 (to the north-east via the east Midlands), the M25 (around London) and the M20 (to Folkestone, Kent).

It doesn’t make for good reading.

Though, that said, the south-east does not come off as badly as the north-west of the country. So, perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies.

As is usual with statistics they can be interpreted in different ways. The M1 may be tops is terms of the number of roadworks but, as you will note, in terms of the projected “days delayed” (in the first illustration) the M6 zooms ahead with three times as many as any other road.

The “days delayed” metric was estimated by taking the start and end dates of each project and working out the days in between. Although, given the great British propensity to rarely deliver construction work on time, we feel this is a movable feast.

So, forewarned is forearmed and, in many instances, it is possible to consider alternative routes. In Kent, for example, the M2 can provide a ready-made alternative to the M20.

But remember, Murphy’s Law dictates that switching routes can often land you in a bigger pickle than if you stuck with your first option. Just saying. More information is available on the vanmonster.com website.

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