London’s most hipster neighbourhoods revealed

Brixton is top of the pile followed by Shoreditch and Camden

Which are London’s most hipster neighbourhoods? Well, first let’s establish what a hipster neightbourhood is.

Wikipedia tells us: The hipster subculture is stereotypically composed of young adults who reside primarily in gentrified neighbourhoods. It is broadly associated with indie and alternative music. Hipsters also frequently flaunt a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, wearing vintage and thrift store-bought clothing.

A company claiming to be the world’s largest holiday rental search engine, HomeToGo, has carried out research into the most hipster neighbourhoods in London. 

Using online data, it found out which of the capital’s neighbourhoods had the highest number of specialist coffee shops, record stores, tattoo studios, veggie eateries, bars and clubs and used this to determine which neighbourhoods are the true hipster meccas

Street art in Shoreditch

The study reveals that:

  • Brixton (picture at the top of this post shows its indoor market) is the hipster capital of London, totting up a total of 15 specialist coffee shops, eight vinyl stores and 11 nightclubs overall
  • Shoreditch comes in second place, closely followed by Camden, the original hipster spot, which ranks well largely due to its abundance of tattoo parlours. 
  • East London is home to the largest number of hipster neighbourhoods, with a total of nine neighbourhoods that make the top 20. 
  • South London has become more hip in recent years, with six neighbourhoods making the top list. 
  • Hackney Borough, is London’s north-easterly hipster haven, with the highest number of neighbourhoods in the ranking out of any borough in the capital. 

For the complete ranking and detailed results, please visit the results page here.

Colourful Camden
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