London is tops in Europe for food and beverage

English capital has the highest number of cafes, bars and restaurants

Analysis of 100 cities across Europe by mobile payments platform, SumUp, has revealed the best destinations for cafes, bars, and restaurants – and London has emerged as No 1.

The study is aimed at helping avid travellers plan their next European getaway with their appetites and tastebuds in mind. 

The top 10 cities in Europe with the highest number of cafes, bars, and restaurants are included in the final ranking table below. These cities were identified by selecting the 100 most populous cities across Europe and then uncovering exactly how many food and drink establishments could be found in each place.

The findings are part of the Small Business Index 2019, which reveals the status of small enterprise across Europe. 

London ranks 1st overall in the index, but, when the density of cafes, bars, and restaurants is taken into account, the UK capital drops to 6th and Paris jumps to 1st thanks to a greater amount of choice within a smaller radius in the French capital. Those looking for the chance to sample an impressive selection of cuisine in a quieter, less-populous destination, would be wise to head to Rome or Berlin. 

The following table reveals the cities in the UK with the highest number of restaurants, bars, and cafes. The highest score (out of 10) for each category is highlighted in yellow, and the lowest in blue.

  • UK cities have more bars and cafes than restaurants. This disparity is greatest in Liverpool and Wakefield.
  • The Scottish capital, Edinburgh, outranks Glasgow despite the old industrial hub having an impressive number of cafes and bars.
  • Bristol ranks 8th. This vibrant city in the south-west of England has a vast number of cafes and bars but is comparatively lacking in restaurants. 
  • The cities with the lowest number of restaurants overall are Coventry and Wakefield
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