Is Afternoon Delight on the menu for bored Brits in lockdown?

Research suggests that each of us is reacting differently to being couped up

I appreciate that it is not very romantic to describe love making as a cure for boredom, but it seems that being stuck indoors during the coronavirus lockdown may have turned many a couple’s thoughts to love, or should that be lust?

This should come as no surprise. Well, the “love” bit anyhow, not so sure about the “lust”. There is only so much gardening you can do and, if you live in a flat or condo, even that diversion is not likely to be open to you. There is decorating, of course, and I plan to touch upon that in a future post. So what else is there to do to cure the boredom? Something more pleasurable (in my book, anyway) than cutting the grass or painting the ceiling?

How about some Afternoon Delight as popularised in the Anchorman film? Or carrying out an assault with a friendly weapon? Dipping the wick? Taking ol’ one-eye to the optometrist? I could go on, but I’ll spare you. There is a website that lists 400 euphemisms for sexual intercourse, a few of which I have stolen here. Some are funny; others just too rude to repeat.

A website called From Mars has surveyed 1,000 adults from across the UK and got to the nitty gritty about how their desire has been impacted by Covid-19. If you’ve found yourself feeling sexually frustrated, you’re not alone, it seems. Of the people surveyed 14% said they’d been feeling the strain while socially-isolating. And it seems as though men are finding it slightly harder (no pun intended) than women, with 17% of men admitting to feeling sexually frustrated, compared with 11% of women.

Londoners fall close to the middle in a table of sexually frustrated cities.

Will we have a baby boom come the New Year? The answer is far from clear. For people self-isolating on their own, the lockdown has put a complete stop to their sex lives. While for those still living with their partner, things aren’t always easier. The research shows that 20% of UK men and 13% of women said the lockdown has had a negative impact on their sex lives.

While some people will be self-isolating with their partner, this doesn’t mean they won’t face their own challenges. A major change in your daily routine, as well as the ongoing uncertainty, can have an impact on your emotions and sex drive.

A quarter of couples self-isolating together said they felt as though the lockdown has had a negative impact on their sex life, with 17% admitting to feeling sexually frustrated because of this. One-in-10 even said they’d argued with their partner about how much sex they’ve been having (or not).

However, it’s not all bad news. Some 12% of the couples the researchers contacted said that the lockdown has had a positive impact on their sex lives, with 19% saying they’ve been having more sex since it began. One-in-five even said they’d taken a break to have sex during their normal office hours. There’s that Afternoon Delight again.

If you would like to see the findings in more detail visit here.

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