How does your team fare in the late goals for (and against) tables?

Palace have done pretty well but same can't be said for Chelsea

Is the team you follow a bunch of late “bottlers” or do they come into their own in the last five minutes (plus stoppage time) of games?

Football match ticket provider has analysed each Premier League team’s results during the current season to determine which team has fared best in the last few minutes of games. The total amount of points each team has won and lost due to goals scored past the 84th minute were calculated. Clubs were then ranked from best to worst both for points won and points lost at the death of games. Please note that very recent results have not been included in the analysis.

So, out of the London teams which ones fared best and worst? Well, at the very top of the good news table is Crystal Palace who have gained eight points late on in matches. They head the table alongside Liverpool (no surprises there) and Newcastle, perhaps more of a surprise given they (like Palace) are in the bottom half of the table at the time of writing. Worst London performer is Chelsea who have frittered away five points in the late stages of games. They sit joint second in the “table” behind beaten League Cup finalists Aston Villa who have lost six points.

A quick glance at the tables below reveals that Spurs have gained six points late on, but also lost three. Chelsea have also gained two late points. Palace have lost three points late on. Arsenal have only gained one late point, but lost two. West Ham is also in “deficit” – no late points won but two lost.

Outside London, one of the biggest surprises is that Manchester United have not won any points with a late flourish, but they have lost five. During the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson that would not have happened often. United had a reputation for late goals under the Scot which was only enhanced by the two they got in injury time to lift the Champions League back in 1999.

Here are the full tables:

Team Points WON after 84th minute this season
Crystal Palace 8
Liverpool 8
Newcastle Utd 8
Spurs 6
Aston Villa 4
Leicester City 4
Wolves 4
Burnley 3
Everton 3
Sheffield United 3
Brighton & HA 2
Chelsea 2
Manchester City 2
Arsenal 1
Bournemouth 0
Man Utd 0
Norwich City 0
Southampton 0
Watford 0
West Ham 0

Points LOST after 84th minute this season
Aston Villa 6
Chelsea 5
Everton 5
Manchester City 5
Man Utd 5
Brighton & HA 4
Southampton 4
Watford 4
Bournemouth 3
Crystal Palace 3
Spurs 3
Arsenal 2
Burnley 2
Norwich City 2
West Ham 2
Leicester City 1
Wolves 1
Liverpool 0
Newcastle United 0
Sheffield United 0
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