Gunners’ players feature prominently in list of football failures

Arsenal trio among the most viewed football nightmares on YouTube

Arsenal players have found their way onto a list that no footballer wants to appear on – the most viewed football fails on YouTube. The top 10 includes three Gunners directly and one, David Luiz, indirectly.

Former full-back Lee Dixon earns a dishonourable mention at No 5 for a headed own goal which has received 1.5 million views. Then at No 7 his team-mates Thierry Henry and Robert Pires (1.2m views) gain notoriety for the lash-up they made of a penalty when the latter tried to pass it to the former.

Current player Luiz is featured in second place for his part in Brazil’s 7-1 humiliation at the hands of Germany in the 2014 World Cup semi-final. Soccer pundit Alan Hansen described Luiz’s role in the game as ‘the worst performance I have seen’. Some say he was to blame for all but one of the seven goals. It should be pointed out that when the game took place Luiz had just joined Paris St Germain from Chelsea and did not become an Arsenal player until August 2019 after another spell in west London with the Blues.

It’s my opinion that Luiz, who commanded a record fee for a defender when he moved to the Paris club, has not been the same force since that World Cup game in front of his own fans. At the time he was a dynamic player at both ends of the pitch but, for me, his defensive capabilities are no longer what they were. I was surprised when he was offered a new one-year contract recently given that his performance after coming on as a substitute against Manchester City left much to be desired.

At No 6 in the list is a real doozy that’s worth a look if it is new to you. In it, Mainz keeper Robin Zentner confuses the penalty spot with the ball and tries to kick the spot out to a team-mate.

So, what topped the list which was compiled by It decided on 10 of the biggest mistakes, fails and accidents and compiled the list based on the most viewed video of the event.

Zidane gets his marching orders. Picture: Shutterstock/ph.FAB

The most viewed fail on YouTube is revealed to be France’s legendary playmaker Zinedine Zidane, and his World Cup Final headbutt, topping the list with 9.4 million views. Second was Brazil V Germany with a huge 5.1 million views.

In third place is Gianluigi Buffon’s sending off in the last minute, with 1.8 million, while Messi’s penalty miss in the 2016 Copa America is fourth, with the Argentine’s failed effort getting 1.7 million views.

Last in the list is surprisingly low considering its infamy. With 372,000 views is Darren Bent’s effort for Sunderland that deflected off a Liverpool fan’s beach ball that had been thrown onto the pitch. The deflection put off Liverpool’s goalkeeper and the reds conceded. Despite how well known this goal is it comes in at 10th on the list.

Other ‘honourable’ mentions include the unforgettable errors that cost Liverpool the Champions League final in 2018 from their keeper Loris Karius (400,000).

Chelsea fans will not thank me for this, but I am a little surprised that John Terry’s penalty miss in the 2008 Champions League final does not get a mention. However, I am happy to set the record straight by noting that the Blues did win the trophy four years later, also in a penalty shoot-out. Though, that time, Terry was missing through suspension. One of the players who successfully took a penalty that night was a certain Mr Luiz!

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