Getting paid to lie in bed

Sounds like a dream job, but is it?

Social media has been alive recently with the story that the NASA space agency is looking to pay people to lie in bed for two months to help with its research.

Comments along the lines of “where do I sign up?”, “this is the job for me” and “what bliss” were flying around the net.

As a fully paid up member of the Lazy Sods Society (actually, there isn’t one, but I may be on to something), I took an interest.

Sure, at face value, the prospect of being paid £14,000 to be inactive for two months sounds ideal.

But, once you dig a little deeper, the prospect sounds less enticing. You wouldn’t be able to move from your bed for the entire time! That means showering and visits to the loo would also have to be performed in the prone position (yuk!).

Not for me.

However, I am envious of Woolwich-based lady – Mari Burkinshaw (pictured). In February she picked up the job of binge-watcher for NowTV. And she is getting paid £35,000 for the year. The monthly rate isn’t as good as NASA’s, but at least she can take breaks when she wants to.

Imagine it. You are given a NowTV stick and many passes allowing you to watch (among other things) entire TV series to your heart’s content. Game of Thrones, Line of Duty, House of Cards … the choice seems endless. Are there enough hours in the day?

And all the time you are earning money! That, to me, is more deserving of the “where do I sign up?” comments. But the opportunity has passed, alas. Wonder if they will be repeating it next year.

  • Which TV series would you watch start-to-finish given the chance? Let us know. Don’t confine yourself to what is available on NowTV.
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