FriendsFest in London this September

Fans of the comedy show will enjoy a selfie-snapping time with New York-style food and drink on offer

If you are a London-based fan of the TV comedy series Friends we have good – and not-so-good – news for you.

First, the good news. A FriendsFest will be staged in Kennington Park close to the Oval cricket ground in September.

And the not-so-good? The 10-day event between September 20-29 is already sold out for the capital. Sorry!

However, if you are sufficiently keen to take part, the festival is also being staged in Manchester, Bristol and Milton Keynes. The first two are not exactly on the doorstep, but MK is not too difficult to get to. You can drive there in an hour-and-a-half and a fast train from Euston takes just half an hour. The MK event precedes the London gig and runs from September 6-15.

This year, the event’s organisers are celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary with a tour packed full of new activities and exclusive merchandise.

Fans will be treated to four new photo op experiences including the fan favourite Thanksgiving floating heads moment and the iconic three wedding dress shot. This year will also feature a limited edition digital photo experience for fans, giving them the chance to take away their own 25th anniversary memory. 

The very best bits from previous tours will also feature. For example, fans will have the opportunity to recreate the show’s iconic title sequence. Also, you can chill out in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, cross the corridor for a beer at Joey and Chandler’s, enjoy a coffee in Central Perk and see Ross’s apartment.

There will also be original memorabilia from the set on display. 

Plus, visitors will be able to dress up in some of the show’s most unforgettable outfits before going on set for their ‘lights, camera, action!’ selfie moments. 

There will also be a whole host of other activities including new Friends-themed food stalls, a new cocktail bar, a Friends quiz and the chance to recreate Joey’s famous cardboard box Porsche scene.

Fans will also be able to relax in the sun (weather permitting) while watching some of the best moments from the series.

Contact with any inquiries.

Six bagels based on Friends characters

As part of the celebrations and to mark its sponsorship of Friends on Comedy Central, the New York Bakery Co has unveiled six new recipes inspired by the characters.

From The Divorcee to The Shopaholic, fans can tuck in as they tune in with these authentic boiled and stone-baked bagels featuring a variety of tasty toppings and fillings inspired by the characters.

Select items from the menu will be available at FriendsFest (details above).

Can you match the bagel to the character who inspired it? From left to right starting on the top row they are:

The Divorcee – you’ll give them half of everything… turkey, sauerkraut, lettuce and relish on an original bagel.

The Joker – who said never play with your food? Left: Tuna mayo mixed with sweetcorn, red pepper, red onion, cucumber and lettuce on original bagel. Right: Ham, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard on a red onion and chive bagel.

The Neat Freak – you won’t find a single crumb on this bagel… smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket on a sesame bagel.

The Free Spirit – this one screams peace and love… pale purple, yellow, pink, pale green and darker green-dyed cream cheese, edible glitter, crushed freeze-dried raspberries and edible flowers on a cinnamon and raisin bagel.

The Shopaholic – you can never buy enough… avocado, red and yellow peppers, red and yellow chicory, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and aubergine on a sesame bagel.

The Big Eater – not for sharing…  pastrami, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, relish, gherkin and jalapeño on an original bagel.

Many more recipe ideas from the New York Bakery Co can be found here.


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