Dry January? For sports fans that means it doesn’t rain a lot

Which sport has the booziest fans? No prizes for guessing

It’s no secret that most sports fans will enjoy an alcoholic beverage while watching their favourite game – but which sport is the booziest for its fans?

Eager to find out which sports fans consume the most alcohol, sought to investigate by surveying more than 2,250 sports fans from around the UK. The survey asked participants which sports they watch in person (live), whether they consume alcohol during the match and if so, how many alcoholic beverages they would consume within an hour (drinks measured within an hour of a match to ensure consistency in the results).

Table 1: Percentage that consume alcohol at a live match

Rugby 82%

Football 80%

Cricket 69%

Darts 65%

Horse racing 61%

Tennis 59%

Boxing 54%

Formula 1 41%

Golf 33%

Horse racing fans at Aintree

Table 2: Number of drinks fans will consume within an hour (rounded to nearest whole number)

Darts 5

Horse racing 4

Rugby 4

Football 3

Boxing 2

Cricket 2

Tennis 1

Formula 1 1

Golf 1 found that most of the rugby and football fans will consume alcohol during a match – 82% and 80% respectively.  People are less likely to indulge while watching golf, with only 33% consuming a single drink during a game.

Unsurprisingly (to me, at least), darts and horse racing were found to be the booziest sports, drinking an average of 4½ drinks in just one hour – double that of tennis, boxing, cricket, Formula 1 and golf. Despite the high percentage of fans drinking during a rugby and football match, the number of alcoholic drinks consumed on average was higher among darts fans.

Shockingly, found that the average cricket fan will consume 12 alcoholic drinks during a game (cricket matches lasting approximately six hours – around two drinks an hour!).

Table 3: Favourite drink

Darts: Beer

Horse racing: Wine and cider

Rugby: Beer

Football: Beer

Boxing: Beer

Cricket: Wine and beer

Tennis: Wine and cider

Formula 1: Cider and beer

Golf: Whisky

In addition, researched each sport’s preferred alcoholic drink. Unsurprisingly, beer dominates the drinking preferences for most fans. Cider and wine were another popular choice. Surprisingly, golf was the only sport which opted for whisky as the favourite alcoholic drink during a match.

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