Does the UK have a real problem with its elected politicians?

This article has been written by London Inspire’s political correspondent Dan Cheeseman who questions whether accountability is being thrown out of the window by politicians with ulterior motives.

Never has something divided a nation like Brexit, yet we need not be in this mess. Sometimes when I wake in the morning and sit for breakfast with my young family I wonder how our country found itself in this nasty state. Can we not see the big picture and learn how to work it all out amicably together?

I have seen not just friends but families divided by the in or out debate, it has even seen good friends be de-friended on social networks like Facebook.

It beggars belief and, if ever there was a time for the elected politicians to try to unite a country, it is now. But they don’t and won’t – and all in the name of this Brexit.

Brexit has divided a nation

As a voter, hands up, I voted remain. I believed for nations to succeed a good working trade relationship should exist and using the force of the EU we would have a stronger global voice, and that had to be a good thing – after all nations coming together is surely better than pulling apart?

But, this is just my opinion and my intellectual ability to ascertain whether the UK should leave or remain is as good as the next person. The truth is no one knows – either way – what best solution will be.

Our best plan is to all pull together as one team

So, the country went to a vote and, albeit by the narrowest of margins, our citizens choose to leave the EU – shouldn’t we all pull together and get a Brexit fair for the UK?

Well, clearly, the politicians, who are an elected voice, think not.

I am not happy the remain vote lost, but it did and so we should just get on with it.

It brings me back to my precious mornings with my kids. We need to be reminded that there are more important matters in our individual lives than getting involved in a political scrap when the ballot papers have already made the decision, rightly or wrongly.

This is not life or death for us or our loved ones.

Whatever happens, our people are too strong to sink based on whether we stay or leave the EU. We will find a way to be successful, regardless.

Ultimately, whatever the politicians do, the real experts are those in business and they will find a way. Our strength is in our entrepreneurs, not our politicians. So, they should respect the vote and get this sorted out quickly.

The politicians are making a scene and someone needs to step in and sort this all out. The country voted leave and that is final – we have to accept the democratic procedures in this country, whether we agree with the outcome or not.

Imagine the nation going to war without cohesion and unity, we would lose the battle. Now we need that unity to go forward together stronger to get the best deal for our nation – with or without the EU.

Can we now act as one team and be stronger for it in the process?

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Dan Cheeseman

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