Cars in movies: Which ones do you remember best?

Research shows the DeLorean is the most memorable; the Alfa in The Graduate didn't do so well

Some movie extras – the car a character drives for instance – are so significant that they come to be synonymous with the film.

But which movie cars are the most famous?

Click4reg.co.uk quizzed internet users around the world on their knowledge of 38 famous cars, asking them to identify the name and original movie of each. And the results are in!

Correctly guessed by 87%, the DMC DeLorean takes first place. The Doc’s time machine in Back to the Future has been so influential that it is the most recognisable car globally. The car ceased production in 1982, but regained popularity when the film was released in 1985. One can’t help wondering how the car might have fared had it still been in production when the film came out.

The famed Batmobile takes second place – 85% recognised it and its related franchise. And while its appearance has changed over the years, second places proves the car’s cultural impact.

Alternatively, in last place is the Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider from The Graduate – only 24% could identify it.

And from Better Off Deadthe black Chevrolet Camara SS takes penultimate position. The movie may have been generally well-received, but this classic car’s appeal fell flat when only 27% could name it.

Close to halfway down the table is the Ford Mustang GT 390 that was used in the greatest film car chase (in my opinion and that of many others) – Bullitt. Its star Steve McQueen did some of the driving during the chase. Bit of trivia for you – Bullitt’s reverse burnout during the chase actually wasn’t scripted; McQueen had missed the turn. The footage was kept, though as you can see here.

Running Bullitt close, though, is the Mini-Cooper escape in The Italian Job. You know, the film where Londoner Sir Michael Caine says: “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.” We include this clip. Apologies for the grainy quality. Maybe worth viewing if only to listen to the Quincey Jones soundtrack.

The table below highlights where the remaining famous cars placed:

Full Study: The Best Classic Cars and Most Famous Cars Revealed!

If your favourite isn’t listed, maybe drop me a line to highlight your choice.

*A total of 2,462 online participants took part in the quiz.

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