Brie our guest! Café Rouge offers a free night’s stay in cheese-themed hotel suite

In a homage to fromage a concept 'hotel' opens in Camden for a week

The world’s first cheese-themed “hotel” opened its doors to fromage fanatics yesterday (January 29), offering a free one-night stay until February 6. Anyone who wants to brie a guest at The Cheese Suite can register here.  Okay, that’s one bad pun out of the way. I won’t claim the credit for them (or take the blame, for that matter). Someone at the PR company involved has obviously gone a little crackers.

Situated in the heart of London in Camden, The Cheese Suite, is draped from head to toe in cheese-themed décor, includes a cheese hotline delivery service for cheese on demand, cheese boardgames, cheese soap and giant cheese installations, not forgetting cheese & biscuits galore for guests to enjoy. 

The concept hotel was dreamed up by French bistro restaurant Café Rouge as a homage to fromage to coincide with its cheese-filled winter menu. It is free to stay for those who camembert to miss out, with any donations being passed on to charity partner, The Prince’s Trust.

Guests eating cheese-filled dishes available to order on the cheese hotline at the Cheese Suite.

Cheese-obsessed Brits need look no further for their latest fix, The Cheese Suite, has been commissioned by Café Rouge to celebrate its new extra-cheesy menu, after reports reveal that 700,000 tonnes of cheese is consumed each year, with each cheese-loving Brit gobbling up 27.4 grams of the good stuff every single day. 

Of this figure, 20,000 diners at Café Rouge have treated themselves to cheese afternoon tea, and the number of Beef Bourguignon Burgers sold in one year put in a row would be enough to line the Champs Elysee 10 times over. 

This cheese themed getaway is really too gouda to miss out on (it’s not getting any better, is it?). Fromage fanatics will be able to feast their eyes on cheese-themed wallpaper, throws and cushions as well as take selfies for the ‘gram of giant cheese installations, before turning in for the night snuggled up in cheese-themed bedding in this nice and cheesy does it home-from-home.

The accommodation is self-catered and there are plenty of cheese-themed cookbooks to provide inspiration and classic cheese boardgames to help pass the time – as well as information available on the best cheese getaways and day trips to go on. And if they fancy a night in without having to cook, guests can even shower with cheese-scented soap in the suite while dialling the cheese hotline delivery service for melted cheesy goodness straight from Café Rouge delivered to their door… all to be consumed while listening to songs from the specially-compiled cheesy playlist, of course. I lacked the courage to enquire further though I would be surprised if Roquefort doesn’t feature somewhere.

Jacqueline Fletcher, head of marketing at Café Rouge, commented: “We always want to cater to the appetite of our customers, and we know that there’s a real hunger for cheese-based dishes after serving more than 20,000 Cheese Afternoon Teas since launching in 2018. So, we wanted to give the nation somewhere new and exciting to be totally immersed in one of their favourite foods in none other than a cheese-themed hotel, while also trying some of our winter dishes from the comfort of the sofa.”

Café Rouge’s winter menu, which launched with cheese lovers in mind, features breaded camembert, three-cheese croques, beef bourguignon burger along with the favourite Cheese Afternoon Tea complete with French wine.

While it is free to stay at The Cheese Suite, guests will be able to donate to Café Rouge’s dedicated charity partner the Prince’s Trust upon checkout should they wish, and proceeds will be donated to the Prince’s Trust.

If you want to brie a guest at The Cheese Suite, please visit the website link in the first paragraph to register for the chance to be entered into a ballot for a one-night stay. Nights are allocated at random and all visits will take place until February 6.

This video may give a better idea of what’s on offer: 

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