Bones from London butcher’s shop help to make Doom vodka

Looking for a vodka with a difference? Pick the 'bones' out of this

Today (October 4) is Vodka Day. It’s also National Taco Day. Elsewhere on this site it’s curry week. And for all I know we could be just a short time away from dodgy dessert fortnight!

Who decides this sort of thing?

There seems to be a day, week or month for just about everything nowadays. Let’s not forget that next month is Movember when people too lazy to shave (guilty!) are in their element.

But, back to the vodka. If you are an aficionado who wants to try a completely new and original taste you might wish to sample DOOM Bone Vodka – it’s believed to be the only vodka in world distilled with bones.

You didn’t mis-read it, I did say … bones! 

Created by London-based Rebel Distillers to celebrate the launch of Doom Eternal, part of the iconic Doom video games series, the vodka is made using the finest quality and ethically sourced beef bones and organic ingredients from renowned London butchers, The Ginger Pig.

DOOM Vodka is made from an organic wheat base, once the bones have been roasted and smoked, the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol. To extract the best flavour and the clearest spirit, it’s distilled at a very low temperature in a vacuum still to collect the essence of what makes this flavour a delicacy.

Boasting a dry, earthy start on the palate, with wonderful umami and buttery feel on the tongue, the vodka rounds off with a smoky and peppery finish which lingers on the palate. Best served ice cold, it works great in classic cocktails like Martinis or with your favourite mixer/energy drink – the hedonistic may even enjoy it in a bone marrow luge.

The idea of renowned spirits industry innovator, Matt McGivern (pictured), who founded Rebel Distillers, the limited-edition Bone Vodka was created in partnership with Bethesda Softworks®.  Europe’s first spirit designed for a blockbuster video game, DOOM Bone Vodka celebrates the upcoming DOOM Eternal® video game, set for release on 22 November.  

McGivern said: “Vodka Day is a great opportunity for people to better appreciate the possibilities around vodka distillation by sampling a spirit that’s flavour profile makes you question what you know about this well-loved spirit.  

“A smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance and its eye-catching bottle, produced in France by one of the spirit industry’s most exclusive cosmetic glass suppliers, makes this a true collector’s item.”

DOOM Bone Vodka is available for pre-sale at priced £45 for 700ml.

DOOM Bone Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Classic Martini (dirty as you like):

50ml DOOM Bone Vodka

5ml good dry vermouth – for instance Cocchi Americano

Method: Garnish with a pickle if you so desire, with a side of roasted marrow on toast, or, if you’re hungry, a nice steak.

Bone Fashioned

50ml DOOM Bone

20ml Sweet Vermouth

1 dash of Bitters 

Method: Stir all ingredients in a glass over a big ice cube. Keep stirring until you’re so bored you can’t stir anymore, then stir some more and serve.

About Rebel Distillers

A pioneering London-based spirits consultancy with global reach, Rebel Distillers’ prime focus is bringing innovation to the alcohol industry, while being mindful of sustainable and ethical practices. It was founded by supply chain and distilling expert Matt McGivern. The team also includes the expertise of distiller Toby Sims. Collectively they have a strong track record in successfully bringing premium spirits brands to market for large global distilleries, including NPD for high profile brands such as Glenfiddich, Hendricks, Sailor Jerry, Balvenie and Milagro. The team also developed Kew Gardens Gin and the first rye whiskey to be distilled in London for more than 100 years. The Rebel Distilleries team is also behind the experimental micro batch spirits series, Rebel Rabbet

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