At 15,000 smackers this could be the most expensive Valentine’s Day ice cream ever

Camden dessert parlour has created a sparkling ice cream treat for lovers

How deep (freeze) is your love? A London dessert parlour has created what it claims is the world’s most expensive ice cream gift, exclusively for Valentine’s Day and it costs a whopping £15,000!

The Camden store, Hans & Gretel, has created the dessert for sweet lovers on Valentine’s Day that can be bought for the sweetest of proposals to melt even the coldest of hearts! But you have to act quickly as the last time to order one is tomorrow (Thursday the 13th).

Why so pricey? Well there is the small matter of the dessert coming with a huge diamond engagement ring from renowned London antique jewellers Humphrey Butler.

The masterpiece dessert has been handcrafted by Hans & Gretel with the finest ingredients from around the world to create the closely guarded secret recipes.

Hans & Gretel will also create a bespoke wedding cake for the happy couple unlike anything they have ever seen (assuming, of course, that the wedding proposal that accompanies the dessert is accepted). The cake will be handcrafted with the finest sweets from across the globe. It will be theatrically presented at their big day by the characters Hans & Gretel in a stunning display.

Hans & Gretel is open daily from 11am to 7pm and can be found in the busy North Yard in Camden Market. 

Linda Lim, its co-founder, said: “The Valentine’s Day exclusive dessert is utterly magical. What better way to propose to someone with a real sweet tooth. Being a leap year, we could see a woman come in to purchase the ice cream for their special someone, that would be really special.”

Who would end up with the ring, I wonder?

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