Are young London women becoming Instagram nightmares?

The First Choice travel company polled 1,000 children aged six to 17 in the UK and asked them a variety of questions. The stand-out finding was that 75% would like a career in online video, aka ‘vloggers’. By contrast, only 6% wanted to be a lawyer.

At face value it just shows how the world has developed and with most of us glued to our phones, is it no surprise we all want to be seen on them? The young today aspire to be a vlogger far more than other celebrity-based careers, such as an actor (15.7%) or musician (16%).

So, why are we highlighting the young girls rather than boys here? Well, it’s based on some anecdotal evidence we have been hearing from the nightlife scene in London – on numerous occasions, we must add.

Dating done on the phone, not in the clubs

It started when speaking to my young 18-year-old cousin, David. He was moaning that it is impossible to find a decent girlfriend these days when out and about as they all stand about in the clubs like wannabe Kardashians and are all but unapproachable. I dug a little deeper. So where can you meet girls now, I asked.

All online was his answer from dating apps like Badoo to Tinder. Relationships are no longer formed on ‘clicking’ but rather a ‘swipe and click’ of the thumb from browsing the opposite sex on these apps.

It all sounded a little superficial and probably has a lot to answer for when it comes to the big black eyebrow craze we are seeing around London at the moment!

Anyway, after this brief conversation with my cousin I didn’t give it much thought and then I got caught up in another conversation on the same subject by one of my web developers, Ian. Ian is 24 and lives just outside Kensington. “I hate going clubbing,” he was shouting, “everything the women do in the club is for their bloody mobile phone!”

He explained there is not really that fun, social feeling when out in the bars and the clubs and that the women are now more absorbed in what they are posting on their Instagram accounts than what is going on around them.

I have to admit, on the limited occasions I have been out late in the clubs of London, everyone – and not just the females – look a little too much absorbed in their own worlds… and their worlds exist on a virtual world all stored on their mobile phones.

Can it be that social networks have not developed but destroyed the very beauty of face-to-face conversation and fun.

Where will it all end – cyber sex with cyber offspring? You have been warned.

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